2016 Aurora Cup tournament report

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2016 Aurora Cup
4-star USATT sanctioned tournament,
Friday - Sunday, January 15 - 17th, 2016

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Open Play Information

The open play is for adults (18+) but on Fridays the children (6+) can play too.

The Eola Community Center
555 S. Eola Rd.
Aurora, IL 60504
We play in the south side of the main gym behind the blue curtain.

The parking lot around the park district building fills up on Wednesday due to a multitude of activities at E.C.C. If you don't find a free spot, you can park in the adjacent church's parking lot, just south of the E.C.C.


Wednesday and Friday 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. During the children's basketball league season, park district delays start of open gym because of kids basketball practice to take place in the quarter of the south gym where we usually setup tables. They finish at 7 PM but we can still setup 3 tables at 6:30 in the remaining quarter of the gym.

Sometimes the open play is cancelled due to other activities taking place in the gym. If you want to make sure that the open play is not cancelled please call Eola Community Center directly at 630-851-8990630-851-8990630-851-8990
You can also look at the calendar on the left for cancellations.

Daily fee for Aurora residents $4, non-residents $5.
You can pay with a credit card at the front desk. They will give you a colored paper bracelet to indicate that you paid. There are no club dues or annual memberships.

Club Rules:
We use the yellow board shown on the picture on the right to reserve play at a table. The board is behind the barriers facing the tables so you need to lean over the barriers to find it. We usually put it in the middle of the row of barriers. We don't put paddles next to a table like some clubs do. If you like the action on a particular table put your green park district ID card or some other card in the slot for that table number. Tables don't have numbers on them but are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 from right to left in the first row and then 5, 6, 7, 8 in the second row.

The winner stays at the table, and you take a place of the looser. Please take your card with you while you play. Some people forget it and then leave the club without their card. We frown upon players who move their card to another slot while they play at another table to shorten their waiting time. If there are more people waiting at the table you put your card behind theirs and wait your turn.

If there are no people waiting for a table you can play as long as you want, but please watch the board occasionally. If there is someone waiting you need to start the match promptly. If you just got to the table and people are waiting behind you, take no more than 5 minutes to warm up and start the match. If you don't want to wait and there is room to setup another table simply ask the park district staff member sitting by the computer station in the other corner of the gym and and he will roll out another table for you. We can setup up to 8 tables in the space we have available. If you see that the players are not starting the match just walk over and ask if they are playing yet because you are waiting. This needs to be done usually for players in the second row of tables because the board is quite far for them so don't see they can't see it too well.

Table setup:
On October 26th, 2011 the Park District bought 10 brand new Killerspin MyT10 Club Pro tables in black. We also have 2 older Stiga Prestige tables in dark blue. The tables are rolled out by the park district staff but we need to set them up and attach the nets. The tables have a little yellow lever on the bottom part. To unfold the table, you need to push the lever with your foot and tilt the table top at the same time. Sometimes the table doesn't unfold because the legs are stuck. If that is the case, gently pull on the bottom of the leg while tilting. It is best if two people unfold each half of the table to overcome these two problems. Once the table is level, you may also lock the 2 brackets connecting the legs to the table but the tables are stable enough without it.

The staff takes down the nets , folds the tables and puts them back in storage for us at the end of the open play. We don't use the old Stiga tables during the open play. They are only used during the tournaments.

Paddles and Balls
We don't have paddles to give out or rent. You can buy a beginner paddle at the Sports Authority but I recommend contacting one of the TT Stores listed on our website. They can help you choose the right paddle for your style of play and skill level. We play with 40mm balls of best quality - 3 star. These balls have the best bounce. We like Buttefly or Nittaku orange or white balls. Orange balls are easier to see in my view but you may find the white ones better.


This is our club from above. We have room to setup only 8 tables.

Our tables up close.

This is the board we use for reserving the play.

This is how we store our nets on the back of the table.